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IET Communications

Volume 14, Issue 7, 22 April 2020

Volume 14, Issue 7

22 April 2020

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    • Performance improvement for machine learning-based cooperative spectrum sensing by feature vector selection
      Secure transmission using optimal antenna selection for MIMO underlay CRN with multiple primary users
      Performance-based service-level agreement in cloud computing to optimise penalties and revenue
      Interference cancellation in HetNet uplink with and without MU-CSIR: a subspace-based approach
      Spectrum shaping using NC-OFDM for cognitive radio applications
      Average rate performance in the presence of correlated interferers
      Performance analysis of OCDMA wireless communication system based on double length modified prime code for security improvement
      Quadrature spatial modulation based multiuser MIMO transmission system
      Random linear network coding based physical layer security for relay-aided device-to-device communication
      Resource allocation in power domain NOMA-based cooperative multicell networks
      S α S noise" >Design and performance analysis of parametric suboptimal detectors in noise
      Comparative study of channel estimators for massive MIMO 5G NR systems
      Cyber security threats, challenges and defence mechanisms in cloud computing
      Improved intrusion detection method for communication networks using association rule mining and artificial neural networks

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