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Volume 14, Issue 22, 27 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 22

27 December 2020

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    • ACAR: an ant colony algorithm-based routing protocol for underwater acoustic sensor network
      Hybrid deep learning-based throughput analysis for UAV-assisted cellular networks
      Supporting legacy and RF-energy harvesting devices in multi-cells OFDMA networks
      Joint communication and radar sensing in 5G mobile network by compressive sensing
      Achievable rate analysis and maximisation for the SWIPT-based half-duplex quantise-and-forward cooperation in IoT networks
      Iterative AP selection, MMSE precoding and power allocation in cell-free massive MIMO systems
      Mitigating the effect of negative link correlation on contention mechanism of MAC protocols in wireless sensor networks
      Performance analysis of incoherent PPM-OCDMA networks based on optimised modified prime code for multimedia applications
      3DEOR: an opportunity routing protocol using evidence theory appropriate for 3D urban environments in VANETs
      Multi-tier MEC offloading strategy based on dynamic channel characteristics
      Mean-based reciprocity calibration in TDD massive MIMO system
      Coverage and rate analysis for 5G-heterogeneous network: β-Ginibre point process
      Performance analysis of adaptive combining based hybrid FSO/RF terrestrial communication
      Wireless-powered CR-IoT with ambient backscattering: a new transmission mode
      Techno-economic model of fibre-to-the-home as 5G fronthaul: evaluation of capital expenditures
      Practical AMC model based on SAE with various optimisation methods under different noise environments
      Deep network approach with stacked sparse autoencoders in detection of DDoS attacks on SDN-based VANET
      Cache allocation optimisation of user relationship group based on reinforcement learning
      Compressed sensing Kalman filter estimation scheme for MIMO system under phase noise problem
      Hybrid machine learning detection for orbital angular momentum over turbulent MISO wireless channel
      DOA estimation algorithm based on DFT and multiple regression
      Secrecy transmission capacity in mobile ad hoc networks with security-aware Aloha protocol
      Efficient hybrid Neumann series based MMSE assisted detection for 5G and beyond massive MIMO systems
      Likelihood ascent search augmented sphere decoding receiver for MIMO systems using M-QAM constellations

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