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Volume 14, Issue 11, 14 July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 11

14 July 2020

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    • Improved likelihood ratio statistic-based cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive radio
      Indoor localisation algorithm based on MSIA and FCSO
      Interference mitigation and receiving performance improvement strategies for local cooperation in the 5G system
      Incorporation of prior knowledge into sparse time dispersive OFDM channel estimation via weighted atomic norm minimisation
      Secure high-speed spread spectrum transmission system with orbital angular momentum
      Polar codes Bhattacharyya parameter generalisation
      Topology optimised fixed-time consensus for multi-UAV system in a multipath fading channel
      Directional modulation method to increase the capacity of confidential messages over broadcast channels
      IQ imbalance analysis and compensation in multiple antenna systems
      Distributed mitigation of content pollution in peer-to-peer video streaming networks
      Peak-to-average power ratio reduction in LTE-advanced systems using low complexity and low delay PTS
      Uplink sum rate analysis of multi-user massive MIMO–OFDM/OQAM systems in Ricean fading
      Deadlock-free adaptive 3D network-on-chips routing algorithm with repetitive turn concept
      Bounds on relative generalised Hamming weight
      Copula function-based analysis of outage probability and coverage region for wireless multiple access communications with correlated fading channels
      Resource allocation algorithm for downlink MIMO-OFDMA based cognitive radio networks in spectrum underlay scenario
      Time-of-arrival estimation algorithm for positioning in NB-IoT physical layer
      WDAT-OMS: A two-level scheme for efficient data gathering in mobile-sink wireless sensor networks using compressive sensing theory

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