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IET Communications

Volume 13, Issue 9, 04 June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 9

04 June 2019

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    • Two-dimensional DOA estimation for multi-path environments by accurate separation of signals using k-medoids clustering
      Multistage spectrum sensing scheme with SNR estimation
      Aggregate interference from white space devices into digital terrestrial television receivers
      Analysis of the physical layer security enhancing of wireless communication system under the random mobile
      Performance evaluation of 2 × 2 MIMO–OFDM-based radio-over-fibre system using Alamouti coding and Hammerstein equaliser
      Performance analysis and optimisation of wireless powered decode-and-forward considering circuit power consumption
      Performance evaluation of a hybrid IP/SDN network in data centre network architectures
      Tg-minimised bandwidth-allocated scheme for multi-subsystem-based VPON in metro-access optical network
      Transmit power allocation of energy transmitters for throughput maximisation in wireless powered communication networks
      Secrecy performance of massive MIMO relay-aided downlink with multiuser transmission
      Novel RFID method for faster convergence of tag estimation on dynamic frame size ALOHA algorithms
      Modelling the region-based VoLTE cell capacity estimation using resource optimisation
      Evaluation of outage probability for uniformly distributed users based on signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio
      Open ICT-PaaS platform enabling 5G network slicing
      Fuzzy optimised routing metric with mobility support for RPL
      Impact of imperfect channel estimation and antenna correlation on quantised massive multiple-input multiple-output systems
      Two-stage BFGS-based hybrid precoding for mmWave multiuser MIMO systems
      Throughput enhancing concatenated codes
      Adaptive location-based millimetre wave beamforming using compressive sensing based channel estimation
      Improved LAS detector for MIMO systems with imperfect channel state information
      Fuzzy logic-based adaptive equaliser for non-linear perpendicular magnetic recording channels
      Energy efficient SBSs sleep mode analysis for successive user association and resource scheduling algorithms in two-tier heterogeneous network
      Memory-efficient recursive scheme for multi-field packet classification

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