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Volume 13, Issue 18, 19 November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 18

19 November 2019

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    • Relevant support recovery algorithm in modulated wideband converter
      Sparse channel estimation for filtered multi-tone in time domain and subband domain based on matched filtering demodulation
      Training-based frequency synchronisation and highly frequency selective channel estimation for OFDM/OQAM systems
      Performance of grey-coded IQM-based optical modulation formats on high-speed long-haul optical communication link
      Optimising infrastructure as a service provider revenue through customer satisfaction and efficient resource provisioning in cloud computing
      Performance improvement of MIMO FSO systems against destructive interference
      Optimisation-based time slot assignment and synchronisation for TDMA MAC in industrial wireless sensor network
      3D non-stationary unmanned aerial vehicles' MIMO channel model
      Analysing impact of major solar flares on ionospheric TEC with RTISM model using IRNSS receiver, at SVNIT, Surat, India
      Backup fibre deployment algorithm based on daily traffic demand in fibre-wireless (FiWi) access networks
      Exact distributions for bit error rate and channel capacity in free-space optical communication
      CSDGP: cluster switched data gathering protocol for mobile wireless sensor networks
      Secrecy outage of a multi-relay cooperative communication network with accumulation of harvesting energy at relays
      Hybrid PS–GW optimised PTS scheme for PAPR reduction in OFDM system
      WDM for multi-user indoor VLC systems with SCM
      Simultaneous monitoring of temperature, pressure, and strain through Brillouin sensors and a hybrid BOTDA/FBG for disasters detection systems
      Wireless networks performance enhancement via buffered cooperative communications
      Ultra-low power micro Wi-Fi scattering communication device
      Parallel soft information forwarding in non-coherent MIMO system based on unitary space-time modulation
      Modelling and simulation for UAV-aided vehicular MIMO communication channels
      Energy-fair and flexible bandwidth-based routing in multi-domain green networks
      Performance analysis of diffusive molecular timing channels
      Transmit power optimisation in cellular networks with nomadic base stations
      Adaptive spectrum-shared association for controlled underlay D2D communication in cellular networks
      Full-duplex massive MIMO relaying systems with low-resolution ADCs over Rician fading channels
      Analysis of phased array antenna system via spherical harmonics decomposition
      An interference-aware energy-efficient routing algorithm with quality of service requirements for software-defined WSNs
      Differential back-pressure routing for single-queue time-varying wireless networks

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