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IET Communications

Volume 13, Issue 13, 13 August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 13

13 August 2019

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    • Multivariable optimisation approach for power allocation in OFDM-DCSK system
      Secrecy outage analysis of energy harvesting two-way relaying networks with friendly jammer
      Parameter estimation of frequency hopping signals based on analogue information converter
      Proactive channel access scheme for wireless ad hoc networks
      Leakage rate-based untrustworthy relay selection with imperfect channel state information: the outage and security trade-off analysis
      Novel RAPF scheme and its performance of PAPR reduction and BER in FBMC-OQAM system
      Tracking areas planning based on spectral clustering in small cell networks
      GRA-based handover for dense small cells heterogeneous networks
      Investigation of blind CFO estimation for GFDM system using universal software radio peripheral: theory, simulations and experiments
      Coverage analysis of downlink Poisson networks with double shadowed fading
      Joint admission control and beamforming in max–min fairness networks
      Resource allocation strategy against selfishness in cognitive radio ad-hoc network based on Stackelberg game
      Collaborative data aggregation using multiple antennas sensors and fusion centre with energy harvesting capability in WSN
      New Manhattan distance-based fuzzy MADM method for the network selection
      Detecting Sybil nodes in stationary wireless sensor networks using learning automaton and client puzzles
      Deep neural network-based underwater OFDM receiver
      Energy-efficiency fog computing resource allocation in cyber physical internet of things systems
      Joint relay-and-antenna selection for cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access
      Conditional dual-connectivity decoupling design framework for OMA and NOMA heterogeneous networks and performance comparison
      Multiple relay-based Reed–Muller network-coded cooperation for wireless communication system

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