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IET Communications

Volume 13, Issue 12, 30 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 12

30 July 2019

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    • Survey of cross-technology communication for IoT heterogeneous devices
    • Rateless transmission of polar codes with information unequal error protection
      Towards insider threats detection in smart grid communication systems
      Optimal power allocation functions for a class of relay selection strategies employing multi-layer coding approach
      Secrecy analysis of wireless sensor network in smart grid with destination assisted jamming
      ULA-based near-field source localisation in cognitive femtocell network: a comparative study of genetic algorithm hybridised with pattern search and swarm intelligence
      Complexity analysis of FDE receivers for massive MIMO block transmission systems
      Automatic determination of types number of mixed binary protocols
      Physical layer authentication scheme with channel based tag padding sequence
      Compressed sensing algorithm for neighbour discovery in mobile ad hoc networks
      Interference cancellation algorithm based on improved generative model combined with improved generalised sidelobe cancellation in ELF communication
      Parameter estimation based on factor graph in wide-band OFDM systems
      5G multi-layer routing strategies for TV white space secondary user access
      Balanced quaternary sequences of even period with optimal autocorrelation
      Stability of S-Aloha with variable propagation delay
      Projected block-wise PIC detection for communication systems with non-negativity constraints
      Energy efficient clustering and secure routing using reinforcement learning for three-dimensional mobile ad hoc networks
      NOMA-based cooperative relaying for secondary transmission in cognitive radio networks
      Hybrid ORA and NORA schemes for machine-to-machine communication in long-term evolution networks
      Performance analysis for interference limited two-way relay network with antenna selection

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