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IET Communications

Volume 13, Issue 11, 16 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

16 July 2019

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    • Survey on half- and full-duplex relay based cooperative communications and its potential challenges and open issues using Markov chains
    • Performance comparison of two novel relay-assisted hybrid FSO/RF communication systems
      Hybrid beamforming for downlink multiuser millimetre wave MIMO-OFDM systems
      DOA/MoM-based ABF algorithm for SINR enhancement
      Third-order non-linearity reduction in a bidirectional CATV/RoF hybrid transmission system using incoherent light injection and RF amplifier pre-distortion
      Comparison of adaptive algorithms for free space optical transmission in Málaga atmospheric turbulence channel with pointing errors
      Performance analysis of opportunistic beamforming system under non-identical imperfect channel environment
      HILS: hybrid indoor localisation system using Wi-Fi received signal strength and inertial sensor's measurements of smart-phone
      Robust power control based on hierarchical game for hybrid access femtocell networks
      LDPC codes based on Mobius transformations
      Gaussian channel transmission of images and audio files using cryptcoding
      Indoor passive localisation based on reliable CSI extraction
      Hybrid precoding for millimetre wave MIMO systems based on particle swarm optimisation
      Fog-based semantic model for supporting interoperability in IoT
      Cross-layer design of T-ARQ and adaptive modulation and coding in a spectrum sharing with cooperative relaying system
      Interference cancellation in co-located MIMO radars using waveform optimisation in signal dependent clutter
      On performance analysis of hybrid FSO/RF systems
      Multipath data transmission in WSN using exponential cat swarm and fuzzy optimisation
      Multicast scheduling for delay-energy trade-off under bursty request arrivals in cellular networks
    • Modified SLM scheme of FBMC signal in satellite communications

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