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IET Communications

Volume 13, Issue 10, 25 June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 10

25 June 2019

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    • Throughput maximisation in cognitive radio networks with residual bandwidth
      Interference mitigation in wideband radios using spectrum correlation and neural network
      LILAC: computable capabilities based high performance protocol for CRFID
      Hybrid beamforming for multi-user MIMO with partially-connected RF architecture
      Energy and spectral efficiency of secure massive MIMO downlink systems
      Simultaneous packet transmission (SPT) using multiple streams
      Cooperative secrecy transmission in multi-hop relay networks with interference alignment
      Using multi-address generation and duplicate address detection to prevent DoS in IPv6
      Mode selection schemes for D2D enabled unmanned aerial vehicle-based wireless networks
      Cross-layer design of resource allocation and segment adaptation based on CPIQ model for DASH clients over LTE networks
      Markov decision process-based routing algorithm in hybrid Satellites/UAVs disruption-tolerant sensing networks
      Pilot contamination reduction in TDD-based massive MIMO systems
      Multi-radio channel rendezvous in cognitive radio networks
      Simplified and accurate BER analysis of magnitude modulated M-PSK signals
      Energy-balanced and energy-efficient clustering routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
      Joint spatial modulation and beamforming based on statistical channel state information for hybrid massive MIMO communication systems
      Strategy on SS
      Reduced complexity lattice-based multiple-input multiple-output schemes
      Coarse NLOS detection algorithm based on discrete power levels
      Path loss modification and multi-user capacity analysis by dynamic rain models for 5G radio communications in millimetre waves
      Performance analysis of multi-hop multi-branch frequency-selective channel for DF relaying
      Secure transmission in AF satellite system based on FH-MWFRFT and null space beamforming
      New multiple-input multiple-output-based filter bank multicarrier structure for cognitive radio networks
      Integrating power assignment into energy-efficient routing in E2E retransmission systems
      Improving physical layer security jointly using full-duplex jamming receiver and multi-antenna jammer in wireless networks

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