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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 9, 05 June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

05 June 2018

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    • Uplink pattern division multiple access in 5G systems
      Large random matrix-based channel estimation for massive MIMO-OFDM uplink
      Protocol with self-adaptive GB for BANs
      Markov decision-based optimisation on bundle size for satellite disruption/delay-tolerant network links
      Three analytical approaches to combine ACB scheme and timing advance information for stationary MTC devices
      Robust resource allocation for heterogeneous wireless network: a worst-case optimisation
      Statistics on the ratio of two products of arbitrary number of Nakagami-m variables and its application in wireless communications
      Artificial fish swarm based power allocation algorithm for MIMO-OFDM relay underwater acoustic communication
      Performance analysis of orthogonal space-time block codes over Nakagami- q MIMO RFID backscattering channels
      Knowledge-aided informed dynamic scheduling for LDPC decoding of short blocks
      Combining techniques of weak signals in the bistable parallel array system
      Strategic behaviour for spectrum access in hybrid overlay/underlay cognitive radio networks
      Phase-orthogonality CDSK: a reliable and effective chaotic communication scheme
      Nearly perfect Gaussian integer sequences with arbitrary degree
      New SRRC receiver filter design with reduced number of filter taps for wireless communication systems
      Reception and detection of a wide-band OFDM signal in a Doppler spreading channel
      Individual channel estimation for amplify-and-forward relay networks using in-band superimposed training
    • Analysis and power evaluation of window-stopped parallel turbo decoding for LTE rate matching

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