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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 7, 24 April 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

24 April 2018

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    • Modified majority logic decoding of Reed–Muller codes using factor graphs
      Hybrid algorithm for accumulated error suppression in open-loop Doppler receiver
      Detailed analysis of energy detection-based millimetre-wave time-of-arrival measurement system
      Impact of relay side information on the coverage region for the wireless relay channel with correlated noises
      On the capacity of a class of K-user Gaussian broadcast channel with states known at the transmitter
      Generalised precoding method for PAPR reduction with low complexity in OFDM systems
      Simplest chaotic system with a hyperbolic sine and its applications in DCSK scheme
      Performance analysis of non-coherent PLC with multi-level ASK in impulsive noise environment
      Algorithm of both release and allocation bandwidth for downstream channel in multi-OLT PON
      Relay performance optimisation based on signal space reconstruction
      Cooperative spectrum sharing-based relaying protocols with wireless energy harvesting cognitive user
      Graph-based iterative measurement-denoising and radio-map generation for semi-supervised indoor localisation
      Increasing the minimum Euclidean distance of the complex quadrature spatial modulation
      Cluster-based resource allocation scheme with QoS guarantee in ultra-dense networks
      Enhanced Bloom filter utilisation scheme for string matching using a splitting approach
      New channel quality metric for link adaptation in LTE up-link systems

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