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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 5, 20 March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

20 March 2018

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    • Social aware joint link and power allocation for D2D communication underlaying cellular networks
      Green-oriented user-satisfaction aware WiFi offloading in HetNets
      Utility-based cooperative spectrum leasing scheme for CR networks with hybrid energy supplies
      Hierarchical power allocation algorithm for D2D-based cellular networks with heterogeneous statistical quality-of-service constraints
      Blockchain-based efficient privacy preserving and data sharing scheme of content-centric network in 5G
      Energy-efficient power allocation scheme for distributed antenna system over spatially correlated Rayleigh channels
      Efficient antenna allocation algorithms in millimetre wave wireless communications
      Energy efficient optimisation for large-scale multiple-antenna system with WPT
      Queue-aware energy minimisation through sparse beamforming in C-RAN
      Game-theoretic radio resource management for relay-assisted access in wireless networks
      Energy efficient cooperative multicast beamforming in ultra dense networks
      Optimal power dispatch of a centralised electric vehicle battery charging station with renewables
    • Multi-relay cooperative transmission based on rateless codes and adaptive demodulation
      Coordinated beamforming for heterogeneous small-cell networks with a non-ideal backhaul
      Power efficiency optimisation of wireless-powered full-duplex relay systems
      Performance analysis of maximal ratio combining with transmit antenna selection and signal space diversity under exponential antenna correlation
      Ecology-based coexistence scheme for heterogeneous cognitive radio networks over TV white space
      Low-latency and high-reliability performance analysis of relay systems
      Joint opportunistic user scheduling and power allocation: throughput optimisation and fair resource sharing

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