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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 4, 06 March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

06 March 2018

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    • Binary Wyner–Ziv code design based on compound LDGM–LDPC structures
      Performance analysis of multi-user scheduling in a spectrum sharing with OSTBC under correlated antennas in a cognitive radio system
      Pilot hopping algorithm for massive multiple-input multiple-output
      Cluster head selection method for content-centric mobile social network in 5G
      Transmission rates over state-dependent diamond channel
      Performance analysis of spectrum sharing-based multi-hop decode-and-forward over Nakagami-m fading channels subject to additive white generalised Gaussian noise
      Fairness aware multiple drone base station deployment
      Unique faster-than-Nyquist transceiver of the ACM system
      QoS-aware downlink radio resource management in OFDMA-based small cells networks
      Fairness-adjustable opportunistic relay selection in the power-constrained cooperative networks with adaptive transmission
      Packet relay-assisted V2V communication with sectorised relay station employing payload combining scheme
      Performance analysis of quadrature spatial modulation in two-way relaying cooperative networks
      GPS/BDS VTL-assisted by the NN for complex environments
      Optical power dimensioning for a multi-PON architecture featuring light-source centralising based on polarisation multiplexing
      Low-cost message-driven frequency-hopping scheme based on slow frequency-hopping

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