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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 2, 30 January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 2

30 January 2018

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    • Optimal beamforming for dual-hop MIMO AF relay networks with imperfect CSI
      Power allocation based on beamforming in cooperative cognitive radio networks with arbitrary number of secondary users
      RTCP: reliable topology construction protocol of bluetooth hybrid single-hop and multi-hop networks
      Retransmission scheme for contention-based data transmission systems
      Non-linear transceiver design for multiple-input–multiple-output interference channel with statistical channel state information error
      Robust and efficient beam training scheme for millimetre wave indoor communications
      Efficient WMMSE beamforming for 5G mmWave cellular networks exploiting the effect of antenna array geometries
      α -Fair resource allocation in non-orthogonal multiple access systems " >-Fair resource allocation in non-orthogonal multiple access systems
      Power line communications under Rayleigh fading and Nakagami noise: novel insights on the MIMO and multi-hop techniques
      Spatial characteristics of the massive MIMO channel based on indoor measurement at 1.4725 GHz
      NN-based IDF demodulator in band-limited communication system
      Outage performance for amplify-and-forward two-hop multiple-access channel with noisy relay and interference-limited destination
      Performance analysis and optimisation for edge connection of JSCC system based on double protograph LDPC codes
      Optimal power allocation for bi-directional full duplex underlay cognitive radio networks
      Robust multipath channel estimation in the presence of impulsive noise

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