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Volume 12, Issue 18, 20 November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 18

20 November 2018

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    • Power and discrete rate adaptation in BER constrained wireless powered communication networks
      Energy-efficient scheduling and power control via stochastic network optimisation in cognitive radio networks
      Performance of NOMA-based coordinated direct and relay transmission using dynamic scheme
      Learning-based predictive dynamic spectrum access framework: a practical perspective for enhanced QoE of secondary users
      On outage secrecy minimisation in an energy harvesting relay assisted cognitive radio networks
      Position optimisation for multiple mobile relays by utilising one-bit feedback information
      Resource allocation for hybrid energy powered cloud radio access network with battery leakage
      Short block length trellis-based codes for interference channels
      Quality constrained multi-attribute energy-efficient resource allocation for heterogeneous cognitive radio networks
      Improved online fountain codes
      Approach in companding-quantisation-inspired PAM constellation design
      Channel equalisation and data detection for SEFDM over frequency selective fading channels
      Energy efficient power allocation approach to asymmetric analogue network coding with rate-dependent circuit power
      Approximation for the ML detector in decode and forward relay networks and the effect of channel estimation error
      Downlink beamforming scheme for hybrid satellite–terrestrial networks
      SNR analysis and estimation for efficient phase noise mitigation in millimetre-wave SC-FDE systems
      Hierarchical collaborative caching in 5G networks
      Efficient algorithm for removal of loopbacks in p-cycle-based survivable WDM networks
      Energy efficiency maximisation in wireless powered networks with cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access
      UE-centric clustering and resource allocation for practical two-tier heterogeneous cellular networks

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