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Volume 12, Issue 17, 30 October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 17

30 October 2018

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    • Non-best user association scheme and effect on multiple tiers heterogeneous networks
      Resource planning and backhaul-link optimisation for relay networks
      NOMA-based multiple-antenna and multiple-relay networks over Nakagami-m fading channels with imperfect CSI and SIC error
      Experimental demonstration of IDMA-OFDM for visible light communications
      Outage and BER performances of indoor relay-assisted hybrid RF/VLC systems
      Spectrum monitoring in heterogeneous cognitive radio network: How to cooperate?
      Content pollution propagation in the overlay network of peer-to-peer live streaming systems: modelling and analysis
      Incoherent waveform design for compressed sensing radar based on pulse-train scenario
      Designing prefix code to save energy for wirelessly powered wireless sensor networks
      A novel solar energy predictor for communicating sensors
      BER performance of an MRT-HQAM system over Rayleigh fading channels with channel estimation errors and feedback delay
      PPM- and GMSK-based hybrid modulation technique for optical wireless communication cellular backhaul channel
      Workload scheduling toward worst-case delay and optimal utility for single-hop Fog-IoT architecture
      Enhanced sparse Bayesian learning-based channel estimation with optimal pilot design for massive MIMO–OFDM systems
      Indoor visible light positioning combined with ellipse-based ACO-OFDM
      Exploiting high rate differential algebraic space-time block code in downlink multiuser MIMO systems
      V2V radio channel properties at urban intersection and ramp on urban viaduct at 5.9 GHz
      Coprime array-based robust beamforming using covariance matrix reconstruction technique

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