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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 14, 28 August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 14

28 August 2018

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    • Survey on network flow watermarking: model, interferences, applications, technologies and security
    • Game-theoretic resource allocation scheme for multiple-amplify-and-forward-relay wireless networks
      Quicker solution for interference reduction in wireless networks
      Efficient low-complexity two-dimensional equalisation technique for multi-level cell flash memory storage systems
      Iterative power allocation for throughput maximisation in IA-based cellular networks: two-game approach
      Analysis of ripple size evolution in the LT process
      Impact of measurement error on performance of pilot-based power allocation in mobile femtocells
      New approximation for pdf of K- distribution: analytical study of QoS parameters in free space optical communication
      Mobile physical layer spoofing detection based on sparse representation
      Channel estimation using a reduced rate of pilot subcarriers for OFDM systems over doubly-selective channels
      Sparse PTS scheme based on TR schemes for PAPR reduction in FBMC-OQAM systems
      Joint design of device to device caching strategy and incentive scheme in mobile edge networks
      Compensation of filter cascading effects and non-linearities in flexible multi-carrier-based optical networks using a complex-kernel-based support vector machine
      On the performance of three-dimensionalantenna arrays in millimetre wave propagation environments
      PESA: a predictive energy-saving approach based on an OSHMM

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