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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 11, 17 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 11

17 July 2018

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    • Low-complexity multiple-signal joint decoding for overlapped x domain multiplexing signalling
      STTC design for vehicular communication systems employing fixed-gain AF PLNC over cascaded fading channels
      Equivalent convex optimisation approach for green cognitive radio-based cooperative networks
      New measurement matrix for compressive sensing in cognitive radio networks
      Joint multicast beamforming and user scheduling in large-scale antenna systems
      Approximate capacity of symmetric two-pair one-way relay channel with overhearing links
      Design and performance analysis of generalised carrier index M-ary differential chaos shift keying modulation
      Preference-based unified criterion in virtual MIMO systems
      Exact and asymptotic ergodic capacity analysis of the hybrid satellite–terrestrial cooperative system over generalised fading channels
      Optimisation design of systematic LT codes over AWGN multiple access channel
      Method to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio required for modulation recognition based on logarithmic properties
      Pilot power allocation for maximising the sum rate in massive MIMO systems
      Knowledge-aided iterative detection and decoding for multiuser multiple-antenna systems
      Alternative direction for 3D orthogonal frequency division multiplexing massive MIMO FDD channel estimation and feedback
      Physical layer security in cognitive radio network with energy harvesting relay and jamming in the presence of direct link

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