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Volume 12, Issue 10, 26 June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 10

26 June 2018

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    • Advanced pilot design procedure based on HS algorithm for OFDM-IDMA system
      Local HMM for indoor positioning based on fingerprinting and displacement ranging
      Optimal weighted K-nearest neighbour algorithm for wireless sensor network fingerprint localisation in noisy environment
      Playback continuity and video quality driven optimisation for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP clients over wireless networks
      Hybrid passive and active approach to tracking movement within indoor environments
      Spectral efficiency analysis and pilot reuse factor optimisation for multi-cell massive SC-SM MIMO
      Improved visible light communication positioning algorithm based on image sensor tilting at room corners
      Joint user selection, mode assignment, and power allocation in cognitive radio-assisted D2D networks
      High-speed based adaptive beamforming handover scheme in LTE-R
      Imperfect CSI-based large MIMO systems
      Security analysis of M-DES and key-based coded permutation ciphers in wireless channels
      Channel model proposal for indoor relay-assisted power line communications
      Uncoordinated chaotic channel scrambling scheme for multiple-input, multiple-output-based VLC system
      Multi-level construction of polar-coded single carrier-FDMA based on MIMO antennas for coded cooperative wireless communication
      Multi-slot reservation-based multi-channel MAC protocol for dense wireless ad-hoc networks

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