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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 1, 05 January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

05 January 2018

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    • Network coding-based multi-path routing algorithm in two-layered satellite networks
      Satellite integrated heterogeneous architecture for professional health services
      An analytical framework in LEO mobile satellite systems servicing batched Poisson traffic
      Secrecy performance of hybrid satellite-terrestrial relay networks in the presence of multiple eavesdroppers
      Doppler-robust high-spectrum-efficiency VCM-OFDM scheme for low Earth orbit satellites broadband data transmission
      Joint recovery of carrier frequency and symbol timing for extremely bandwidth-efficient satellite links
      Bidirectional satellite communication under same frequency transmission with non-linear self-interference reduction algorithm
      SEFDM over satellite systems with advanced interference cancellation
      Graphene-based multimode inspired frequency reconfigurable user terminal antenna for satellite communication
      Robust adaptive beamforming of coherent signals in the presence of the unknown mutual coupling
      Multi-beam pattern synthesis algorithm based on kernel principal component analysis and semi-definite relaxation
      Required SNR improvement for downlink optical communication via channel coding and aperture diversity by utilising PPM
    • Analysis of security performance of relay selection in underlay cognitive networks
      Hybrid porous-core microstructure terahertz fibre with ultra-low bending loss and low effective material loss

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