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IET Communications

Volume 11, Issue 18, 21 December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 18

21 December 2017

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    • Energy efficiency optimisation in MIMO-OFDMA systems with block diagonalisation
      Selective physical layer network coding in bidirectional relay channel
      Secure resource allocation for the SISO-OFDM wiretap channel
      Self-deployed wireless actor networks with maximal task satisfaction
      Energy efficiency of joint base station and relay sleeping in heterogeneous networks
      Power control and performance analysis for full-duplex relay-assisted D2D communication underlaying fifth generation cellular networks
      Joint detection and decoding for physical-layer network coding in power line channel
      On the error probability of Alamouti scheme with transmit antenna selection for CPM-MIMO systems
      Downlink resource allocation in OFDMA wireless networks under power amplifier non-linearity
      Phase noise in broadcasting: an outer bound for capacity region and corresponding simulations
      Resource allocation for OFDM-based improved DF relaying
      QoS-aware cell association based on traffic prediction in heterogeneous cellular networks
      Modelling and analysis of heterogeneous cellular networks using a matern cluster process
      Efficient caching resource allocation for network slicing in 5G core network
      Greedy hybrid beamforming for multiuser MmWave MIMO systems

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