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Volume 11, Issue 15, 19 October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 15

19 October 2017

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    • Multi-channel fingerprint localisation algorithm for wireless sensor network in multipath environment
      Exact throughput analysis of random cooperative medium access control networks in the presence of shadowing
      BER analysis of filter-bank multicarrier with offset quadrature amplitude modulation systems with phase estimation error
      Compressive channel estimation for universal filtered multi-carrier system in high-speed scenarios
      Asymptotic analysis of two-layer D-BLAST with group-zero forcing detection in general channels
      Multiple-input–multiple-output cooperative spatial modulation systems
      More general performance evaluation for single-channel PCMA signals blind separation
      Improving physical-layer security for primary users in cognitive radio networks
      Near-optimal packet scheduling scheme in satellite LTE networks
      Green communication via cooperative protocols using message-passing decoder over additive white Gaussian noise channels
      Optimal and simple near optimal non-coherent detection in amplify-and-forward two-way relaying over fast fading channels
      Online autogenerated congestion control for high-speed transfer over high BDP networks
      Free-space optical link with dual-branch transmit laser selection diversity over double generalised gamma turbulence channel
      OFDM for payload communications of UAS: channel estimation and ICI mitigation
      Polar code-based secure channel coding scheme with small key size
      A novel feed-forward segmented digital automatic gain control algorithm for long-term evolution digital radio-over-fibre systems
      Intelligent resource allocation scheme for the cognitive radio network in the presence of primary user emulation attack
      Optimised Q-learning for WiFi offloading in dense cellular networks
      A low-complexity demodulation technique for spectrally efficient FDM systems using decision-feedback
      Enhanced local density estimation in internet of vehicles

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