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IET Communications

Volume 11, Issue 12, 24 August 2017

Volume 11, Issue 12

24 August 2017

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    • Generalised benders decomposition-based load optimisation in cellular and public WLAN interworking network
      Graph colouring based fractional frequency reuse for enterprise femtocell networks
      Givens rotation-based QR decomposition for MIMO systems
      Multiuser energy harvesting relaying system with direct links
      Performance of M-EGC receiver over TWDP fading channels
      Performance of improved energy detector with cognitive radio mobility and imperfect channel state information
      Energy-efficient precoding design for cloud radio access networks
      Outage of relay simultaneous wireless information and power transfer with GSC and finite storage in Nakagami-m fading
      Hybrid precoding in point-to-point massive multiple-input multiple-output systems based on normalised matrix adaptive method
      Secrecy outage analysis and power allocation for decode-and-forward relay systems
      Fault tolerance events ordering by aging learning in wireless sensor and actuator networks
      Dynamic interference-limited relay sharing in cognitive radio networks by using hierarchical modulation
      Efficient protocol header recovery algorithm based on iterative decoding between layers
      Echo state network-based radio signal strength prediction for wireless communication in Northern Namibia
      Genetic algorithm based fault tolerant clustering in wireless sensor network
      BCoPS: an energy-efficient routing protocol with coverage preservation
      Performance of multicarrier cooperative communication systems over underwater acoustic channels
      Low-complexity multi-service power optimisation algorithm based on MOS models
      Secrecy performance analysis of SIMO underlay cognitive radio systems with outdated CSI
      Class of novel broadband chaos-based coherent communication systems

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