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IET Communications

Volume 10, Issue 9, 09 June 2016

Volume 10, Issue 9

09 June 2016

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    • Channel estimation for multi-input multi-output relay systems using the PARATUCK2 tensor model
      Feasibly efficient cooperative spectrum sensing scheme based on Cholesky decomposition of the correlation matrix
      Fairness enhanced dynamic routing and spectrum allocation in elastic optical networks
      Construction of time-invariant rate-compatible-low-density parity-check convolutional codes
      Reliable routing in wireless sensor networks based on coalitional game theory
      Hybrid user association for maximising energy efficiency in heterogeneous networks with human-to-human/machine-to-machine coexistence
      Utility-based opportunistic spectrum access for cognitive radio sensor networks: joint spectrum sensing and random access control
      Design of optimised multiple partial recovery LT codes
      Improving the quality of service for users in cognitive radio network using priority queueing analysis
      Performance of multiple active-spatial modulation: information theoretic criteria over correlated Rayleigh fading channels
      Recursive construction of optimal frequency-hopping sequence sets
      Contract-auction based distributed resource allocation for cooperative communications
      Performance analysis of free space optical communication in open-atmospheric turbulence conditions with beam wandering compensation control
      Joint energy-efficient resource allocation and interference alignment for HetNets
      Cross-layer aware joint design of sensing and frame durations in cognitive radio networks
      Uplink symbol error rate analysis of multicell multiuser-multiple-input–multiple-output systems with minimum mean square error receiver under pilot contamination

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