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IET Communications

Volume 10, Issue 18, 15 December 2016

Volume 10, Issue 18

15 December 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Uplink training for multicell massive multiple-input–multiple-output systems: a combination of time-shifted and time-aligned pilot approaches
      On the capacity and energy efficiency of non-coherent Rayleigh fading channels with additive Gaussian mixture noise
      Optimising energy efficiency of non-orthogonal multiple access for wireless backhaul in heterogeneous cloud radio access network
      Error performance and energy efficiency analyses of fully cooperative OFDM communication in frequency selective fading
      Energy efficient medium access scheme for visible light communication system based on IEEE 802.15.7 with unsaturated traffic
      Green two-tiered wireless multimedia sensor systems: an energy, bandwidth, and quality optimisation framework
      Performance analysis of multirelay RF energy harvesting cooperative networks with hardware impairments
      Impact of primary networks on the performance of energy harvesting cognitive radio networks
      Design of compact frequency reconfigurable planar invert-F antenna for green wireless communications
    • Efficient inter-carrier interference cancellation transmissions for cooperative networks with frequency offsets
      Ring-based linear network coding on erroneous cyclic networks
      New dynamic spectrum access algorithm for TV white space cognitive radio networks
      Resource allocation in small cell networks with time-averaged rate constraints
      Priority-aware hybrid scheduling for fast, energy-efficient max function computation in single-hop networks
      Efficient codebook design for digital communication through compressed voice channels
      HSSEC strategy for decode-and-forward-relaying systems over Nakagami-m fading channels
      Power allocation over time-varying multi-user multi-relay amplify-and-forward networks
      Sliding discrete Fourier transform based frequency-locked loop for adaptive carrier tracking of bi-phase signals
      Channel estimation, equalisation, and evaluation for high-mobility airborne hyperspectral data transmission
      Capacity of the non-coherent DCSK system over Rayleigh fading channel
      Zero-Forcing Based Hybrid Beamforming for Multi-User Millimeter Wave Systems
      Filter-and-forward relaying in cognitive networks with blind channel estimation
      Performance analysis for NOMA energy harvesting relaying networks with transmit antenna selection and maximal-ratio combining over Nakagami-m fading

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