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IET Communications

Volume 10, Issue 17, 24 November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 17

24 November 2016

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    • Distributed relay selection strategy based on physical-layer fairness for amplify-and-forward relaying systems
      Sparsity-aware multitarget localisation for distributed MIMO radar against phase synchronisation mismatch
      High-performing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing precoding scheme for OOBE suppression
      Energy-aware quality of information maximisation for wireless sensor networks
      Evolutionarily stable opportunistic spectrum access in cognitive radio networks
      Very high efficiency differential chaos shift keying system
      HTTPAS: active authentication against HTTPS man-in-the-middle attacks
      Fundamental limits of caching: improved bounds for users with small buffers
      Adaptive authentication scheme for mobile devices in proxy MIPv6 networks
      Computationally efficient fixed complexity LLL algorithm for lattice-reduction-aided multiple-input–multiple-output precoding
      Cross-layer queueing analysis for aggregated ON–OFF arrivals with adaptive modulation and coding
      Over-sampling effect in distributed Alamouti coded OFDM with frequency offset
      Feasibility study and spatial–temporal characteristics analysis for 28 GHz outdoor wireless channel modelling
      Performance analysis of a low-complexity MAP algorithm for automatic modulation classification in adaptive OFDM systems
      Dual-hop signal space cooperative systems using multiple DF relays
      Coordinated multicell beamforming for massive multiple-input multiple-output systems based on uplink–downlink duality
      Impact of IQ imbalance on the performance of QSM multiple-input–multiple-output system
      Variational message passing-based localisation algorithm with Taylor expansion for wireless sensor networks
      SC-LDPC code design for Gaussian multiple access channel
      Promoting femtocell cooperation through incentive for improving data rate of indoor users in underlay heterogeneous network
      Families of Gaussian integer sequences with high energy efficiency
      Rate-compatible spatially coupled LDPC code ensembles based on repeat-accumulate extensions
      Properties and achievable data rate of a cyclic prefix based imperfect reconstruction filter bank multiple access system
      Joint interpolation for LTE downlink channel estimation in very high-mobility environments with support vector machine regression
      Energy-efficient power allocation algorithm in cognitive radio networks
      Sparse array synthesis for WBAN with minimised side lobe via convex optimisation
      SNR aware SBIA in multiple-input–single-output broadcast channel
      BER performance of an MRT-HQAM system over Rayleigh fading channels
      Area spectral efficiency of infrastructure relay enhanced cellular systems
      Low-complexity energy-efficient resource allocation for delay-tolerant two-way orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing relays

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