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IET Communications

Volume 10, Issue 15, 13 October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 15

13 October 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Wireless backhaul resource allocation and user-centric clustering in ultra-dense wireless networks
      Interference pricing in 5G ultra-dense small cell networks: a Stackelberg game approach
      Public safety users’ priority-based energy and time-efficient device discovery scheme with contention resolution for ProSe in third generation partnership project long-term evolution-advanced systems
      Merge-and-forward: a cooperative multimedia transmissions protocol using RaptorQ codes
      Edge aware cross-tier base station cooperation in heterogeneous wireless networks with non-uniformly-distributed nodes
      Secure transmission in the random cognitive radio networks with secrecy guard zone and artificial noise
      Local altruistic coalition formation game for spectrum sharing and interference management in hyper-dense cloud-RANs
      Effects of non-uniform quantisation on the interference mitigation using multi-cell multiple-input and multiple-output-coordinated beamforming
      Self-organising multiuser matching in cellular networks: a score-based mutually beneficial approach
      Massive MIMO: survey and future research topics
      Transceiver design for cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access systems with wireless energy transfer
    • Pragmatic phase noise compensation for high-order coded modulations
      Distributed energy efficiency beamforming design in multiple-input-single-output interference channels
      Playout buffer and DRX aware scheduling scheme for video streaming over LTE system
      Robust beamforming design for multiple-input–single-output secrecy multicasting systems with simultaneous wireless information and power transmission
      Adaptive stochastic radio access selection scheme for cellular-WLAN heterogeneous communication systems
      Algorithm for energy-efficiency optimisation in secure MIMO systems
      Beamforming and combining based scheme over κμ shadowed fading satellite channels
      Robust power allocation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based overlay/underlay cognitive radio network under spectrum sensing errors and channel uncertainties
      On the performance of the Poisson-point-process-based networks with no channel state information feedback
      Joint CIR, CFO, DCO and FI/FS Rx IQ imbalance estimation
      Bounds on achievable degrees of freedom in blind cellular networks
      Relay selection for secrecy improvement in cognitive amplify-and-forward relay networks against multiple eavesdroppers
      Non-stationary additive noise modelling in direction-of-arrival estimation

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