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Volume 10, Issue 14, 20 September 2016

Volume 10, Issue 14

20 September 2016

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    • Integer codes correcting double asymmetric errors
      Simplified search and construction of capacity-approaching variable-length constrained sequence codes
      Performance enhancement of multi-hop relay-based wireless systems based on outage probability
      Energy efficiency analysis and enhancement for secure transmission in SWIPT systems exploiting full duplex techniques
      Energy-efficient pilot and data power allocation in massive multi-user multiple-input multiple-output communication systems
      Elimination of two-dimensional intersymbol interference through the use of a 9/12 two-dimensional modulation code
      Design of new digital blind feedforward timing recovery algorithm for linear modulations in digital communication receivers
      Performance analysis of low-complexity channel prediction for uplink massive MIMO
      Low-complexity EDAS and low-complexity detection scheme for MPSK spatial modulation
      Multi-device selection scheduling in non-identically distributed fading channels
      Decode-and-forward relaying in mixed ημ and gamma–gamma dual hop transmission system
      Analysis of low complexity uplink/downlink full-duplex wireless access with spatially random nodes
      Design of expanding window fountain codes with unequal power allocation over BIAWGN channels
      Lightweight anonymous key distribution scheme for smart grid using elliptic curve cryptography
      Joint wavelet-based spectrum sensing and FBMC modulation for cognitive mmWave small cell networks
      Two-way relay networks with wireless power transfer: design and performance analysis
      Interpolation based pilot-aided channel estimation for STBC spatial modulation and performance analysis under imperfect CSI
      Single channel steepest descent algorithm for the correction of cycle frequency error
      Measurements and modelling for D2D indoor wideband MIMO radio channels at 5 GHz
      Opportunistic scheduling for a two-way relay network using Markov decision process

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