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IET Communications

Volume 1, Issue 6, December 2007

Volume 1, Issue 6

December 2007

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    • Doppler spectrum of the multipath fading channel in mobile satellite systems with directional terminal antennas
      Results for a statistically optimal algorithm for multimedia receiver buffers
      Graph partitioning strategy for the topology design of industrial network
      New concatenated coding and space–time modulation scheme for MIMO wireless communications
      Effect of error in channel state information on the channel capacity with QAM signalling and the design of robust signal constellations
      HS-Sift: hybrid spatial correlation-based medium access control for event-driven sensor networks
      Sum of arbitrarily correlated Gamma variates and performance of wireless communication systems over Nakagami-m fading channels
      Asymptotically optimum detection of primary user in cognitive radio networks
      Peak-to-average power ratio reduction in OFDM using cyclically shifted phase sequences
      Space–frequency coded cooperation in OFDM multiple-access wireless networks
      Channel capacity of dual-branch diversity systems over correlated Nakagami-m fading with channel inversion and fixed rate transmission scheme
      DC-free trellis-based error-control codes
      WARD: a transmission control protocol-friendly stateless active queue management scheme
      Compatibility of TCP Reno and TCP Vegas in wireless ad hoc networks
      Modified multi-wavelength optical orthogonal code for spectral efficiency improvement in two-dimensional optical CDMA system
      Enhancing enhanced distributed channel access function based on cross-layer information for multirate wireless networks
      Optimum linear decoding of vector quantisation transmitted over a CDMA channel
      Distributed truncated ARQ protocol for cooperative diversity networks
      Adaptive TDD Synchronisation for WIMAX Access Networks
      Two-level single-chain pointer forwarding strategy: a new scheme for location management in mobile communication
      Dynamic non-collision packet reservation MAP for time division duplex-based wireless networks
      Exact algorithm for delay-constrained capacitated minimum spanning tree network
      Enhanced token bucket policer using reduced fair queuing for Ethernet access networks
      Power optimised channel coding in wireless sensor networks using low-density parity-check codes
      On subchannel inversion for improvement of power efficiency in OFDM-based systems
      Algorithm for exploiting channel time selectivity in pilot-aided MIMO systems
      Channel estimation for 5.9 GHz dedicated short-range communications receiver in wireless access vehicular environments
      Adaptation of two types of processing gains for UWB impulse radio wireless sensor networks
      Nonlinear pulse combining in impulse radio UWB systems

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