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IET Communications

Volume 1, Issue 5, October 2007

Volume 1, Issue 5

October 2007

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    • Editorial: Wireless mobile networks: cross-layer communication
      Interaction between radio link level truncated ARQ, and TCP in multi-rate wireless networks: a cross-layer performance analysis
      Cross-layer adaptive resource allocation for OFDM systems with hybrid smart antennas
      Cross-layer distributed approach for optimal rate allocation for homogeneous wireless multicast
      Adaptive bandwidth sharing mechanism for quality of service administration in infrastructure wireless networks
      A cross-layer adaptive algorithm for multimedia QoS fairness in WLAN environments using neural networks
      Authentication mechanism over the integrated UMTS network and WLAN platform using the cross-layer bootstrap
      Using link layer throughput maximisation in ad hoc network routing algorithms
      Provision of proportional delay differentiation in wireless LAN using a cross-layer fine-tuning scheduling scheme
      Reliable cross-layer multicast with local backtracking for improving transmission control protocol performance in ad hoc networks
      ARSM: a cross-layer auto rate selection multicast mechanism for multi-rate wireless LANs
      Hierarchical wireless mobile MPLS mechanism using foreign tracking agent based on M/G/1 with capacity c queueing model
      Multi-rate power-controlled link scheduling for mesh broadband wireless access networks
      Randomised and distributed methods for reliable peer-to-peer data communication in wireless ad hoc networks
      Cross-layer binding update for TCP performance enhancement over Mobile IPv6 networks
    • Comments on ‘capacity of a wideband multirate CDMA system with multiservice in the presence of fading and power-control error’
      Concatenated fibre-wireless channel identification in a multiuser CDMA environment
      Optimal training design for linearly time-varying MIMO/OFDM channels modelled by a complex exponential basis expansion
      Error recovery in video transmission over CDMA2000 broadcast networks
      Efficient MIMO channel estimation using complementary sequences
      GPS-free mobility metrics for mobile ad hoc networks
      Precise performance analysis of DS-UWB systems on additive white Gaussian noise channels in the presence of multiuser interference
      Channel adaptive multiple I/O protocol for mixed wireless and wired channels
      Basic binary state-space model for time-varying communication channels: uncertainty and information capacity
      Cross-layer design for tree-type routing and level-based centralised scheduling in IEEE 802.16 based wireless mesh networks
      UMTS base station location planning: a mathematical model and heuristic optimisation algorithms
      Simplified chaotic diffusionless Lorentz attractor and its application to secure communication systems
      Joint source-adaptive vector quantisation and index assignment with embedded redundancy
      Diversity reception in short-code CDMA
      On information theory parameters of infinite anti-uniform sources
      Orthogonal on–off-based near–far-resistant detection with diversity technique in UWB systems
      Influence of incremental redundancy on the performance of TCP in enhanced general packet radio service
      Throughput of the opportunistic cophasing communication system with multi-beam transmission
      Modified enhanced max-log-maximum a posteriori algorithm using variable scaling factor
      Error performance analysis of linear zero forcing and MMSE precoders for MIMO broadcast channels
      A coded beamforming scheme for frequency-flat MIMO fading channels
      Minimum symbol error rate precoder design for spatial multiplexing over correlated channels

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