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IET Communications

Volume 1, Issue 3, June 2007

Volume 1, Issue 3

June 2007

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    • Statistical adaptive modulation with TCOI-TX
      Modified sum-product algorithms for decoding low-density parity-check codes
      Addressing of software downloads to reconfigurable terminals in UMTS
      Simple bit loading algorithm for OFDM-based systems
      Super-orthogonal space-time-frequency trellis coded OFDM
      Statistical terminal assisted mobile positioning technique
      MIMO throughput optimisation via quantised rate control
      Performance of diversity receivers in generalised gamma fading channels
      Improving the performance of mobile broadcasting systems using multiple base stations and distributed space–time codes
      Performance of turbo trellis coded/continuous phase modulation over MIMO channels
      Optimum antenna configurations for millimetre-wave communications from high-altitude platforms
      Network visualisation: a review
      Optimising quasi-orthogonal STBC through group-constrained linear transformation
      Analysis of effect of load-based excess bandwidth reservation on performances of differentiated services in E-PON
      Analysis of UWB system capacity in a realistic multipath environment with coexistence constraints
      Improving code division multiple access security by applying encryption methods over the spreading codes
      Statistical characteristics of the envelope in diversity combining of two correlated Rayleigh fading channels
      Adaptive subchannel allocation in multiuser multicarrier systems
      Evaluation of the effects of user antenna pointing error in multiple high-altitude platform systems
      Mobile agent based approach for QoS routing
      Capacity analysis for a multiuser cross-layer downlink model in the presence of fading and interference
      Ethernet transmissions over large core polymer optical fibres: demonstration of an extended reach (425 m) LAN system
      On window control algorithm for TCP efficiency over wireless networks with high bandwidth-delay product
      Antenna selection technique for MIMO-OFDM systems over frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel
      On the capacity of orthogonalised correlated MIMO channels under different adaptive transmission techniques
      Limited-perimeter vector matching fault-localisation protocol for transparent all-optical communication networks
      Extending the Dorsch decoder towards achieving maximum-likelihood decoding for linear codes
      Blind channel estimation, equalisation and CRB for OFDM with unmodelled interference
      Theoretical performance analysis of single and multiple antenna BFWA systems
      Accuracy of packet loss monitoring over networked CPE
      Capacity of MIMO–OFDM systems in spatially correlated indoor fading channels
      Uplink MIMO–SDMA optimisation of smart antennas by phase–amplitude perturbations based on memetic algorithms for wireless and mobile communication systems
      Lattice-reduction-aided detection for MIMO-OFDM-CDM communication systems
      Performance analysis of mobile agents
      Analysis of the distribution of the number of erasures correctable by a binary linear code and the link to low-weight codewords

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