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IET Communications

Volume 1, Issue 2, April 2007

Volume 1, Issue 2

April 2007

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    • Survey of automatic modulation classification techniques: classical approaches and new trends
      Automatic modulation classification of composite FM/PM speech signals in sensor arrays over flat fading channel
      Energy efficiency modelling for IEEE 802.11a distribution coordination function system without finite retry limits
      Link stability and mobility in ad hoc wireless networks
      Nimble and adaptive time-division multiple access control phase algorithm for cluster-based wireless sensor networks
      On implementation aspects of fast iterative tap amplitude and delay estimation for UMTS/WCDMA
      Performance of ultra wide band system using nonlinear receiver in the presence of interference
      Efficient DFT-based channel estimation for OFDM systems on multipath channels
      Exact and approximate error-rate analysis of BPSK in Weibull fading with cochannel interference
      Chinese Internet AS-level topology
      Stochastic modelling of Rice fading channels with temporal, spatial and spectral correlation
      Internally coded TH–UWB–CDMA system and its performance evaluation
      Priority-based CDMA system with variable code reservation periods for multiclass traffic
      Performance of Reed–Solomon codes using the Guruswami–Sudan algorithm with improved interpolation efficiency
      Uplink analysis for hierarchical CDMA systems with attenuators applied to microcell under imperfect power control
      General differential modulation scheme for quasi-orthogonal space–time block codes with partial or full transmit diversity
      Game theoretic model for radio resource management in HIPERLAN type 2 networks
      Carrier frequency offset estimation and correction for OFDMA uplink
      Hybrid SADOA/TDOA mobile positioning for cellular networks
      Erratum for ‘Performance of the complex sphere decoder in spatially correlated MIMO channels’

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