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IET Communications

Volume 1, Issue 1, February 2007

Volume 1, Issue 1

February 2007

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    • Performance study of linear and nonlinear diversity-combining techniques in synchronous FFH/MA communication systems over fading channels
      Multi-user interference cancellation technology in the presence of multiple frequency offsets
      Multiplexed harmonic broadcasting scheme for efficient video-on-demand services
      Enhanced NLMS adaptive array via DOA detection
      Self-tuning TCP traffic controller using gain margin specification
      Jamming-based medium access control with dynamic priority adjustment in wireless ad-hoc networks
      Exact topology discovery algorithm for the capacity and delay constrained loop network
      SISO algorithms based on Max-Log-MAP and Log-MAP turbo decoding
      Active router approach to defeating denial-of-service attacks in networks
      Optimality properties and performance analysis of co-operative time-reversal communication in wireless sensor networks
      Weight distribution of turbo codes with convolutional interleavers
      Rate allocation for serial concatenated convolutional codes
      Performance bounds of space-time block coding in Rician and log-normal fading channels
      Bit error ratio performance of a receiver diversity scheme with channel estimation
      Pairwise error probability of space–time codes for a keyhole channel
      Channel estimation and interference cancellation in CP–CDMA systems
      Construction and performance analysis of 2-D codes for M-ary OFFH–CDMA systems
      Performance of the complex sphere decoder in spatially correlated MIMO channels
      Single antenna interference cancellation for synchronised GSM networks using a widely linear receiver

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