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Collaborative intelligent manufacturing finds its root in the need to develop efficient and adaptive production and distribution systems that can simultaneously meet the expectations of ever changing market demands. A fully Gold Open Access journal, IET Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing, aims to attract papers on methodologies and techniques for the application of intelligence, data science and emerging information and communication technologies in the design, modeling, simulation, planning, and optimisation of product, process, production, assembly, supply chain and logistics.

The journal covers the full range of collaborative intelligent manufacturing, including:

-          Agent-based collaborative intelligent manufacturing

-          Collaborative product design

-          Human-centric / customer-oriented product design

-          Development of smart / intelligent products with embedded intelligence

-          Sensor-fusion for intelligent machining and inspection

-          Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems in intelligent manufacturing

-          Big Data in intelligent manufacturing

-          Distributed virtual reality and augmented reality in intelligent manufacturing

-          Collaborative intelligent process planning and scheduling

-          Human-machine interactions, human-robot / robot-robot collaboration in manufacturing

-          Collaborative virtual enterprises

-          Smart factories, supply chains and logistics

-          Intelligent manufacturing standardisation

-          Preventative and predictive maintenance of manufacturing equipment

-          Cybersecurity in collaborative intelligent manufacturing

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