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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Intelligent and Reliable Circuits for Sustainable Electronics- for more information click here

Topics that we will consider include:

  • Novel theory, design, and applications of sustainable circuits
  • Emerging trends in low-voltage and low-power circuit designs
  • New implantable and wearable electronics
  • Supply and energy harvesting circuit blocks
  • Self-supplied and high-efficiency battery operated electronics systems
  • Reliability of advanced circuit interconnections
  • Design analysis and testbed for reliability and sustainability
  • Design of fault-tolerant electronics systems
  • Theory and simulation for sustainable electronics applications
  • AI-driven intelligent circuit design and electronics
  • Deep learning driven hardware and circuitry applications
  • Reliability and sustainability assessment in disruptive circuit topologies

Previously published Special Issues


Low Voltage Low Power Integrated Circuits and Systems

Vol. 12, Issue 6


Developments and Advancements on Electronics Education

Vol. 11, Issue 4


Graphene Electronics: Part 2

Vol. 9, Issue 6

Graphene Electronics

Vol. 9, Issue 1


Photonic and RF Communications Systems

Vol. 8, Issue 5

Power Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits

Vol. 8, Issue 3


Design Methodologies for Nanoelectronic Digital and Analog Circuits

Vol. 7, Issue 5


Thermal, Power and Timing Modeling, Design and Simulation

Vol. 6, Issue 5

Special Section: Thin-Film-Transistor Modelling for Circuit Simulation

Vol. 6, Issue 3

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