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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 8, Issue 6, November 2014

Volume 8, Issue 6

November 2014

Evaluation of error vector magnitude due to combined IQ imbalances and phase noise
A 2.67 fJ/c.-s. 27.8 kS/s 0.35 V 10-bit successive approximation register analogue-to-digital converter in 65 nm complementary metal oxide semiconductor
Circuit theory approach for voltage stability assessment of reconfigured power network
Modelling of Ldi/dt effect with frequency spectrum analysis and parameter design in float ground driver system
High frequency CMOS amplifier with improved linearity
A 32 GSps multiplexer with 1 kbit memory for arbitrary signal generation for testing digital-to-analogue converters
Stability analysis of broadband cascode amplifiers in the presence of inductive parasitic components
Sleep power minimisation using adaptive duty-cycling of DC–DC converters in state-retentive systems
Design of BiCMOS SRAMs for high-speed SiGe applications
Parallel very large-scale integration chip implementation of optimal fractional motion estimation
Low-jitter, high-linearity current-controlled complementary metal oxide semiconductor relaxation oscillator with optimised floating capacitors
Analysis and implementation of low-power perceptual multiband noise reduction for the hearing aids application
Efficient VLSI implementation of FFT for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing applications
Ultra-selective spike multiplierless linear-phase two-dimensional FIR filter function with full Hilbert transform effect
Three-mode controllable master-slave monostable multivibrators using current-feedback operational amplifiers
RF parameter extraction of underlap DG MOSFETs: a look up table based approach
Frequency splitting patterns in wireless power relay transfer
Analysis of circuit conditions for optimum intermodulation and gain in bipolar cascomp amplifiers with non-ideal error correction
Robust 600 V high-voltage gate drive IC with low-temperature coefficient propagation delay time
Wide-band high-efficiency Ku-band power amplifier

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