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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 8, Issue 2, March 2014

Volume 8, Issue 2

March 2014

Development of low-complexity all-digital frequency locked loop as 500 MHz reference clock generator for field-programmable gate array
Optimised high-efficiency Class E radio frequency power amplifier for wide bandwidth and high harmonics suppression
Novel short-circuit protection technique for DC–DC buck converters
Area efficient diode and on transistor inter-changeable power gating scheme with trim options for SRAM design in nano-complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology
Bit-area efficient embedded pseudo-SRAM utilising dual-threshold hybrid 2T gain cell
Design techniques for decision feedback equalisation of multi-giga-bit-per-second serial data links: a state-of-the-art review
Analysis of electrical parameters of organic thin film transistors based on thickness variation in semi-conducting and dielectric layers
New versatile precision rectifier

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