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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2012

Volume 6, Issue 1

January 2012

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    • Analysis of integral non-linearity errors in two-step analogue-to-digital converters
      Highly linear CMOS triode transconductor for VHF applications
      Twelve-bit 20-GHz reduced size pipeline accumulator in 0.25 µm SiGe:C technology for direct digital synthesiser applications
      1/f noise and analogue performance study of short-channel cylindrical surrounding gate MOSFET using a new subthreshold analytical pseudo-two-dimensional model
      Dynamic electrothermal simulation of three-dimensional integrated circuits using standard cell macromodels
      Process variations aware area efficient negative bit-line voltage scheme for improving write ability of SRAM in nanometer technologies
      High throughput concurrent lookahead adaptive decision feedback equaliser
      Noise measure-based design methodology for simultaneously matched multi-stage low-noise amplifiers

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