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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 4, Issue 3, May 2010

Volume 4, Issue 3

May 2010

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    • Design considerations for the gate circuit in distributed amplifiers
      Current-mode third-order quadrature oscillator
      48 Cycles-per-macro block deblocking filter accelerator for high-resolution H.264/AVC decoding
      Fast-locking all-digital phase-locked loop with digitally controlled oscillator tuning word estimating and presetting
      Impact of finite impulse response digital-to-analogue converter delay on the stability of continuous-time sigma-delta modulators with pulse-with modulation in the feedback path
      0.18 µm CMOS integrated circuit design for impedance-based structural health monitoring
      FPGA implementation of adaptive segmentation for non-stationary biomedical signals
      On-chip thermal optimisation by whitespace reallocation using a constrained particle-swarm optimisation algorithm
      Microwave silicon on insulator-based design of a power management system for Jet Propulsion Laboratory's rechargeable micro-scale batteries

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