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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 17, Issue 4, July 2023

Volume 17, Issue 4

July 2023

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    • A hardware prototype of wideband high‐dynamic range analog‐to‐digital converter
      A compact frequency reconfigurable beam switching antenna based on a single‐layer FSS
      500 V breakdown voltage in β‐Ga2O3 laterally diffused metal‐oxide‐semiconductor field‐effect transistor with 108 MW/cm2 power figure of merit
      A high‐capacity and nonvolatile spintronic associative memory hardware accelerator
      Linear broadband interference suppression circuit based on GaN monolithic microwave integrated circuits
      Mechanical model analysis and reliability design approach of Quartz Flexible Accelerometer under fractured state
      Improvements in reliability and radio frequency performance of junctionless tunnelling field effect transistor using p+ pocket and metal strip
      A chipless light switch for smart‐homes
      A novel buffering fault‐tolerance approach for network on chip (NoC)
    • Retracted: Research on tridimensional monitoring and defence technology of substation
      Retracted: Research on wavelet neural network PID control of maglev linear synchronous motor
      Retracted: Multi‐vehicle group‐aware data protection model based on differential privacy for autonomous sensor networks
      Retracted: Multi‐mode urban rail transit and spatial coordinated development based on deep learning system

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