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Volume 14, Issue 8, November 2020

Volume 14, Issue 8

November 2020

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    • Household induction cooking system based on a grid-connected photovoltaic system
      Active balancing method for series battery pack based on flyback converter
      Broadband RF-predistortion supporting carrier aggregation
      Design of a high-precision constant voltage flyback converter
      All-digital power-efficient integrating frequency difference-to-digital converter for GHz frequency-locking
      Fast signed multiplier using Vedic Nikhilam algorithm
      Analysis of black phosphorus double gate MOSFET using hybrid method for analogue/RF application
      Design and realisation of a fractional-order sinusoidal oscillator
      Dataflow and microarchitecture co-optimisation for sparse CNN on distributed processing element accelerator
      S i 1 x G e x virtual substrate " >Analytical drain current model of strained junctionless nanowire tunnel field-effect transistor fabricated on virtual substrate
      Extended Boolean algebra for asynchronous quasi-delay-insensitive logic
      High gain operational amplifier and a comparator with a-IGZO TFTs
      Soft fault diagnosis of non-linear circuits having multiple DC solutions
      Performance of ultra-wide band DCBLNA with suspended strip line radiator for human breast cancer diagnosis medical imaging application
      Fast-locking PLL based on a novel PFD-CP structure and reconfigurable loop filter
      Fine resolution delay tuning method to improve the linearity of an unbalanced time-to-digital converter on a Xilinx FPGA
      Run-time neuro-fuzzy type-2 controller for power optimisation of GP-GPU architecture
      Developed wireless sensor network to supervise the essential parameters in greenhouses for internet of things applications
      Bandwidth controlled weakly connected MEMS resonators based narrowband filter
      Digitally programmable modified current differencing transconductance amplifier in 40-nm technology: design flow, parameter analyses and applications
      Improved reverse recovery characteristics obtained in 4H-SiC double-trench superjunction MOSFET with an integrated p-type Schottky diode
      Split gated silicon nanotube FET for bio-sensing applications
      Low-power, high-linearity transconductor with a high tolerance for process and temperature variations
      Design, evaluation and application of approximate-truncated Booth multipliers
      Area Efficient Parallel Median Filter Using Approximate Comparator and Faithful Adder

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