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Volume 14, Issue 4, July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 4

July 2020

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    • Physical unclonable function: architectures, applications and challenges for dependable security
    • Approach for low power high speed 4-bit flash analogue to digital converter
      Systematic circuit design and analysis using generalised g m/I D functions of MOS devices
      Temperature sensitivity analysis of SGO metal strip JL TFET
      High-speed and area-efficient scalable N-bit digital comparator
      9 ps TDC based on multiple sampling in 0.18 μm complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor
      Modelling for triple gate spin-FET and design of triple gate spin-FET-based binary adder
      Design and modelling of InGaP/GaSb tandem cell with embedded 1D GaAs quantum superlattice
      Fabrication and investigation of zinc oxide nanoflowers-based piezoelectric nanogenerator
      Implementation of fast ICA using memristor crossbar arrays for blind image source separations
      New current-mode RMS-to-DC converters and four-quadrant multiplier/divider based on VDTA
      Solution to alleviate the impact of line resistance on the crossbar array
      Power-efficient compensation circuit for fixed-width multipliers
      Approach to modelling uniform transmission lines for broadband high-frequency applications
      Ultra-low power low-complexity 3–7.5 GHz IR-UWB transmitter with spectrum tunability
      Simulator of semiconductor devices for multivalued logic
      Adaptive multi-resolution framework for fast simulation of power electronic circuits
      Fast automated on-chip artefact removal of EEG for seizure detection based on ICA-R algorithm and wavelet denoising
      Sizing of the CMOS 6T-SRAM cell for NBTI ageing mitigation
      Circuit analysis and optimisation of the high-voltage high-efficiency IR-UWB pulse generator for ranging and radar application

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