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Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2020

Volume 14, Issue 1

January 2020

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    • Asynchronous control and driver for high-speed LED display with local scanning approach
      Multi-bit error control coding with limited correction for high-performance and energy-efficient network on chip
      Characterisation of a perpendicular nanomagnetic cell and design of reversible XOR gates based on perpendicular nanomagnetic cells
      Δ Σ time-to-digital converter with pre-skewed bi-directional gated delay line time integrator " >Time-based all-digital time-to-digital converter with pre-skewed bi-directional gated delay line time integrator
      Simple design of memristive counters and their applications in automatic irrigation system
      Pre-computed GPC of a DC–DC buck converter
      Comparison and optimisation of three-level neutral point clamped dual output inverter
      Integer-N charge pump phase locked loop for 2.4 GHz application with a novel design of phase frequency detector
      Constraint propagation in physical design of circuits
      Design and implementation of adaptive battery charging method considering the battery temperature
      Efficient design of quaternary quantum comparator with only a single ancillary input
      CFE: a convenient, flexible, and efficient clocking scheme for quantum-dot cellular automata
      Multiple cascode flipped active inductor-based tunable bandpass filter for fully integrated RF front-end
      New analogue stop-learning control module using astrocyte for neuromorphic learning
      On-chip tunable Memristor-based flash-ADC converter for artificial intelligence applications

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