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Volume 13, Issue 7, October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 7

October 2019

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    • Third-order tunable-phase asymmetric cross-coupled oscillator
      Single low-gain amplifier compensated hybrid delta-sigma modulator
      Efficient implementation of digit-serial Montgomery modular multiplier architecture
      New oscillator concept based on band edge degeneracy in lumped double-ladder circuits
      Hardware architectures for PRESENT block cipher and their FPGA implementations
      Mathematical model for the analysis of series–parallel compensated wireless power transfer system for different misalignments
      Adjacency criticality: a simple yet effective metric for statistical timing yield optimisation of digital integrated circuits
      Ultra-low voltage, power efficient continuous-time filters in 180 nm CMOS technology
      Sign3-LMS data-transition decision feedback equaliser
      High throughput FIR filter architectures using retiming and modified CSLA based adders
      Approximate computing using frequency upscaling
      Performance investigation of electrode work-function engineered hetero-dielectric buried oxide vertical TFET
      Systolic array design space exploration of interpolators for multi-rate systems
      Analytical modelling of dielectric engineered strained dual-material double-gate-tunnelling field effect transistor
      Integrated synchronous data acquisition subsystem for high-speed GPR system
      High-speed, low power, and dead zone improved phase frequency detector
      Low power radiation aware transistor level design using tri-state inverter embedded non-clock gating technique
      0.1–5 GHz wideband ΔΣ fractional-N frequency synthesiser for software-defined radio application
      Bridgeless active rectifier for piezoelectric energy harvesting
      1.8 V, 25.9 nW, 91.86 dB dynamic range second-order lowpass filter tunable in the range 4–100 Hz
      Design of a novel structure capacitive RF MEMS switch to improve performance parameters
      Optical MEMS accelerometer sensor relying on a micro-ring resonator and an elliptical disk

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