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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 13, Issue 5, August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

August 2019

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    • 2D Surface potential and mobility modelling of doped/undoped symmetric double gate MOSFET
      Efficient VLSI architecture for the parallel dictionary LZW data compression algorithm
      Transmission gate-based 9T SRAM cell for variation resilient low power and reliable internet of things applications
      Practical fault resilient hardware implementations of AES
      All-spin logic XOR gate implementation based on input interface
      84 dB DC-gain two-stage class-AB OTA
      Carrier extraction cancellation circuit in RFID reader for improving the Tx-to-Rx isolation
      Novel liquid-based linear capacitive inclination micro-sensor with totally 360° dynamic range
      Neuro-fuzzy based two-stage spectrum allocation scheme to ensure spectrum efficiency in CRN–CSS assisted by spectrum agent
      Novel design for Memristor-based n to 1 multiplexer using new IMPLY logic approach
      Highly efficient design of SDRAM-based CTM for real-time SAR imaging system
      A novel differential fault analysis using two-byte fault model on AES Key schedule
      Optimal designs of nulling resistor compensation and a robust bias-based op-amp circuit using an evolutionary approach
      Symbiotic organisms search algorithm for optimal design of CMOS two-stage op-amp with nulling resistor and robust bias circuit
      Tunnel FET ambipolarity-based energy efficient and robust true random number generator against reverse engineering attacks
      Compact and high-throughput parameterisable architectures for memory-based FFT algorithms
      Enhanced memristor-based MNNs performance on noisy dataset resulting from memristive stochasticity
      Six-track multi-finger standard cell library design for near-threshold voltage operation in 130 nm complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology
      High-performance DSP platform for digital hearing aid SoC with flexible noise estimation
      Fault detection in multiple controlled Fredkin circuits

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