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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 13, Issue 2, March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

March 2019

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    • High-throughput 2 bit low-density parity-check forward error correction for C-RAN optical fronthaul based on a hard-decision algorithm
      Survey of switch fault diagnosis for modular multilevel converter
    • Canonical transfer function of band-pass NGD circuit
      Hardware implementation of the quasi-maximum likelihood estimator core for polynomial phase signals
      Analysing the TIPSP-based VOFET through transistor efficiency (gm/I D)
      On boundary analysis for derivative of driving point impedance functions and its circuit applications
      High-Q second-order all-pass delay network in CMOS
      Low leakage domino logic circuit for wide fan-in gates using CNTFET
      Design of odd nth-order elliptic high-pass filters employing OTRAs
      Performance-recovery proportional-type output-voltage tracking algorithm of three-phase inverter for uninterruptible power supply applications
      Novel CNFET ternary circuit techniques for high-performance and energy-efficient design
      Joint background calibration of gain and timing mismatch errors with low hardware cost for time-interleaved ADCs
      Design and characterisation of single-layer solenoid air-core inductors
      Fast digital foreground gain error calibration for pipelined ADC
      Novel broken line detection circuit for multi-cells Li-ion battery protection ICs
      Compact GaN class-AB Armstrong oscillator for resonant wireless power transfer
      Widely tunable low-pass gm  − C filter for biomedical applications
      Novel estimation solution on lithium-ion battery state of charge with current-free detection algorithm
      Improved VLSI architecture for triangular windowed sliding DFT based on CORDIC algorithm
      Design challenges for a new mostly digital VCO-based delta-sigma modulator

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