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Volume 12, Issue 6, November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 6

November 2018

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    • 14.5 fJ/conversion-step 9-bit 100-kS/s non-binary weighted dual capacitor array based area and energy efficient SAR ADC in 90 nm CMOS
      Inverter-based, low-power and low-voltage, new mixed-mode Gm-C filter in subthreshold CNTFET technology
      Fully-differential flipped-source-follower low-pass analogue filter in CMOS 28 nm bulk
      0.65 V integrable electronic realisation of integer- and fractional-order Hindmarsh–Rose neuron model using companding technique
      Timing error detection and correction for power efficiency: an aggressive scaling approach
      Single bit-line 8T SRAM cell with asynchronous dual word-line control for bit-interleaved ultra-low voltage operation
      Low supply voltage and multiphase all-digital crystal-less clock generator
      Design optimisation procedure for digital mismatch compensation in latch comparators
      Low-power non-ideal pulse-width modulated DC–DC buck–boost converter: design, analysis and experimentation
      Supercapacitor charging from piezoelectric energy harvesters using multi-input buck–boost converter
    • Design techniques of all-digital arithmetic units for time-mode signal processing
    • Gate diffusion input based 4-bit Vedic multiplier design
      Manchester-encoded data transmission circuit integrated by metal–oxide TFTs suitable for 13.56 MHz radio-frequency identification tag application
      Identification of DC–DC buck converter dynamics using relay feedback method with experimental validation
      Real-time temperature compensation for tunable cavity-based BPFs and BSFs
      Improved convergent distributed arithmetic based low complexity pipelined least-mean-square filter
      Performance study of optical resonator-based filter architectures
      Compact thermal noise model for enhancement mode N-polar GaN MOS-HEMT including 2DEG density solution with two sub-bands
      Novel CMOS MO-CFDITA based fully electronically controlled square/triangular wave generator with adjustable duty cycle

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