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Volume 12, Issue 4, July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

July 2018

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    • Calibration method to reduce the error in logarithmic conversion with its circuit implementation
      Design and analysis of an ultra-thin crystalline silicon heterostructure solar cell featuring SiGe absorber layer
      GF ( 2 m ) for irreducible trinomials with ASIC and FPGA implementations " >Bit-parallel systolic multiplier over for irreducible trinomials with ASIC and FPGA implementations
      CMOS-based high-order LP and BP filters using biquad functions
      Low-power low data rate FM-UWB receiver front end
      Two-dimensional models for quantum effects on short channel electrostatics of lightly doped symmetric double-gate MOSFETs
      Linearisation technique for low-voltage tuneable Nauta's transconductor in Gm C filter design
      Optimal design of wideband fractional order digital integrator using symbiotic organisms search algorithm
      Analytical modelling of work-function modulated delta-doped TFET to improve analogue performance
      1.2 V, 12.5 MHz fourth-order low-pass filter with 83 dB stopband attenuation using low output impedance source follower in 45 nm CMOS
      Oscillation analysis and current peak reduction in paralleled SiC MOSFETs
      Low-power sample and hold circuits using current conveyor analogue switches
      pth-order inverse of the Volterra series for multiple-input multiple-output non-linear dynamic systems
      Precomputation-based radix-4 CORDIC for approximate rotations and Hough transform
      General modular adder designs for residue number system applications
      Soft input decoder for high-rate generalised concatenated codes
      Design and analysis of a logic model for ultra-low power near threshold adiabatic computing
      Ti O 2 non-linear memristor model " >Window function for fractional-order HP non-linear memristor model
      Development of integrated microsystem for hydrogen gas detection
      Internal write-back and read-before-write schemes to eliminate the disturbance to the half-selected cells in SRAMs
      High-order realisation of MOSFET-only band-pass filters for RF applications
      Tuning approach for first-order filters and new current-mode circuit example
      Pulse train controlled quadratic buck converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode
      Design and analysis of CMOS RCG transimpedance amplifier based on elliptic filter approach
      16-bit 1-MS/s SAR ADC with foreground digital-domain calibration

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