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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

November 2017

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    • Short startup, batteryless, self-starting thermal energy harvesting chip working in full clock cycle
      Test and study on sensitivity of electronic circuit in low-voltage release to voltage sags
      Ultra-low-power, high PSRR CMOS voltage reference with negative feedback
      VLSI Architecture of Full-Search Variable-Block-Size Motion Estimation for HEVC Video Encoding
      Schottky-barrier graphene nanoribbon field-effect transistors-based field-programmable gate array's configurable logic block and routing switch
      Heuristic thermal sensor allocation methods for overheating detection of real microprocessors
      Full-custom hardware implementation of point multiplication on binary Edwards curves for application-specific integrated circuit elliptic curve cryptosystem applications
      Gaussian normal basis multiplier over GF(2 m ) using hybrid subquadratic-and-quadratic TMVP approach for elliptic curve cryptography
      Low-power 10-bit 100 MS/s pipelined ADC in digital CMOS technology
      Implementation of a low-power LVQ architecture on FPGA
      Positive feedback technique and split-length transistors for DC-gain enhancement of two-stage op-amps
      Ultra-stable, low-noise two-stage current source concept for electronics and laser applications
      Approach for designing and modelling of nanoscale DG MOSFET devices using Kriging metamodelling technique
      Surface acoustic wave type electrode-area-weighted wavelet inverse-transform processors with phase compensation
      Shadow filters based on DDCC
      Comparison of conventional and regenerative electrostatic energy harvesters
      Efficient current injection device for harmonic reduction of three-phase controlled converters
      Development of load constant current model using feedback-controlling resonant switching algorithm for overload protection
      Modelling and performance analysis of amorphous silicon solar cell using wide band gap nc-Si:H window layer
      Widening and narrowing of time interval due to single-event transients in 45 nm vernier-type TDC
      Mathematical modelling and simulation analysis of a modified Butterworth van Dyke circuit model for non-invasive diabetes detection

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