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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 11, Issue 5, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 5

September 2017

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    • OTFTs compact models: analysis, comparison, and insights
    • Statistical properties of quantisation noise in analogue-to-digital converter with oversampling and decimation
      Analytic cascaded filterbanks for multicarrier modulation
      Design of an assemble-type fractional-order unit circuit and its application in Lorenz system
      Resistance-to-digital converter designed for high power-line interference rejection capability
      Locking range enhancement of divide-by-two injection locked frequency divider using phase shift technique
      Synthesis of recursive linear-phase filters for fixed-point hardware platforms
      Method for designing ternary adder cells based on CNFETs
      NeuroMonitor: a low-power, wireless, wearable EEG device with DRL-less AFE
      Adaptive cancellation linearisation and its application to wide-tunable Gm-C filter design
      CORDIC-based Hann windowed sliding DFT architecture for real-time spectrum analysis with bounded error-accumulation
      Design and performance evaluation of two novel linearisation circuits for giant magneto-resistance based sensors
      Design and simulation of a high-gain organic operational amplifier for use in quantification of cholesterol in low-cost point-of-care devices
      Effective regularity extraction and placement techniques for datapath-intensive circuits

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